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Renewable Energy & GreenTech Sabah (REGTechSabah)


In the current landscape, green technology plays an ever-more important role as the Malaysian Government seeks to transform the country into one that utilizes green technology and that is highly efficient. With consumer mind-sets shifting towards eco-friendliness and efficiency, there is a pressing need for all aspects of all major players in every industry sector to evolve and be committed towards meeting green and sustainable standards.


​The current global emphasis on climate change and sustainable living has prompted significant moves, both by governments and the private sector to focus on the benefits of green technology.

​Renewable energy is one of the important areas of green technology, one that requires greater effort to encourage the utilization of renewable resources as alternatives means of generating energy. The emphasis on renewable energy follows Malaysia’s initiative in transforming the energy sector in achieving energy efficiency. Sabah is endowed with an abundance of renewable energy sources that have the potential to offer strong prospects of contributing significantly to both the state and nation’s transformation into a high value-added economy.

​With the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, formerly known as Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry (KeTTHA) continuing to take proactive measures to create public awareness and renewable energy and green technology advocacy programmes; it is only fitting for a dedicated platform designed to serve, advance and spearhead Sabah’s green industry to be organized. No other event in Sabah has been organized at such a scale that is dedicated to offer a strong platform to advocate the green industry.

​Therefore, this Renewable Energy & GreenTech Sabah 2021 (REGTech2021) Online Conference is created to update our industry players and other stakeholders and this serves as a platform where the renewable energy and green industry comes together to share information on the challenges facing the industry and discuss opportunities and solutions; as well as education for advancing Sabah’s renewable energy and green technology sector.

​It is a major initiative that resonates with Malaysia’s National Green Technology Policy, among which includes developing and creating public awareness, attracting more investors, as well as organizing green advocacy programmes. The broad areas of renewable energy and green technology simply provides an abundance of opportunities for various stakeholders and industries to be involved in yet another REGTech, in a virtual set-up.

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