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{PAST EVENT} BIMP-EAGA Energy Online Conference & Exhibition (BECE)


BIMP-EAGA Energy Online Conference & Exhibition 2021 or BECE 2021 in short is an Inaugural event organised in a virtual setting.

​This virtual setting provides all the power and energy infrastructure and oil and gas communities and other stakeholders a chance to meet virtually and identify potential opportunities for the industries.


In its first installation, BECE 2021 will bring together a range of industry experts involved in every aspect of the oil and gas and power & energy infrastructure sectors from across the BIMP-EAGA region, including regional government policy makers and private enterprise to exchange knowledge and share their expertise and showcase the power and energy infrastructure and oil and gas developments that will ultimately shape and strengthen this industry sector in the BIMP-EAGA region, ultimately achieving the planned outcomes under her strategic vision 2025.

​The 2 days conference sessions will provide the highest level of quality in technical and strategic content, comprehensive in-depth practial information, designed to provide the latest in technologies, trends and market as well as challenges and opportunities.

Participants from various industry sectors are invited to participate in the BECE 2021 Online Conference as they will have the opportunity to network with other participants, speakers, sponsors, moderators and exhibitors in a networking session in their own chosen day and time.


Exhibitors are encouraged to take part in the exhibition as not only all those in the conference room will converge to the exhibition room but this platform is open to all/any visitors to visit their booths as well. The exhibition provides a unique opportunity to reach buyers, specifiers and decision makers across multiple segments of the various industries in the BIMP-EAGA region.

The virtual networking session and the exhibition will serve as a platform for industry players to promote their latest power and energy infrastructure technologies as well as oil and gas products and services and other related services.

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